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Quantifying Comfort Levels

Over the last couple of days, I’ve tried to establish that our decision-making processes — and the tone we use to discuss our decisions — are important. I’ve also attempted to make a biblical case for why Christians should lead … Continue reading

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Asking for a Friend

Society is opening up again, for better or worse. Still, it’s unclear exactly what to expect with this whole COVID-19 situation. For better or worse, the virus feels less dangerous right now. One recent study seems to suggest that infection … Continue reading

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Strange Season for Seniors

Elliot gave a speech for his high school commencement ceremony from our Living Room this morning. We recorded it on a smartphone and then uploaded to Google Drive for review by a teacher. If approved (and selected from other submissions), … Continue reading

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Introduction to the Psalms

The Psalms, Week One from H2O Church Kent State on Vimeo. As the COVID-19 crisis started unfolding and society started to shut down, our church felt compelled to focus on simplicity and small-scale spiritual formation. At the time, we wrote: … Continue reading

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