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Indigenous Continent

I recently finished reading Pekka Hämäläinen’s history, Indigenous Continent: The Epic Contest for North America. It’s a fascinating corollary to the last book of American history that I read, Evan S. Connell’s history, Son of the Morning Star. The author comes from Finland, … Continue reading

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We were out over the Atlantic Ocean, on our way from the Netherlands to the United States. I decided to rewatch the “Sunflowers” (Amsterdam) episode of Ted Lasso — now that our family had concluded the show’s third and final … Continue reading

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Andy Catlett: Early Travels

I recently finished reading Wendell Berry’s novel, Andy Catlett: Early Travels. It’s another installment in his series of fictional stories of fictional people of a fictional town called Port William, Kentucky. I got my start with this author and this series after … Continue reading

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Cycling Spring

Do you remember the “Arab Spring” from a couple years back? It was a time when many Arabs across the Middle East and North Africa took to the streets in protest. Some countries deposed their authoritarian regimes. Others continue to … Continue reading

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