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Little House

We knew that our furnace was an older lady, when we bought our house eight years ago. So we’ve been faithful to get regular check-ups and replace the air filters and all that good stuff. This winter, however, the old … Continue reading

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Crazy Jim’s Skate Emporium

Dutch people go crazy for ice-skating. When a hard freeze starts, it’s a topic of casual conversation and serious news reporting. They know exactly the right conditions and the right period of time that’s needed for the right amount of … Continue reading

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The Last Week of January

The last week of January was a big week for our family back in 2003 — a week of miracles and transformations and shock. Looking back, eighteen years later, I can hardly believe that so much happened in such a … Continue reading

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To Olivia, on the Occasion of Her 16th Birthday

Dear Olivia, Happy Birthday! You are such a lovely person. You were born at such a lovely time of the year, too (I’ve long maintained that September 15th through October 15th is the best month of the year!). Still, the … Continue reading

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