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We were out over the Atlantic Ocean, on our way from the Netherlands to the United States. I decided to rewatch the “Sunflowers” (Amsterdam) episode of Ted Lasso — now that our family had concluded the show’s third and final … Continue reading

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Jesus Revolution

A few friends have recently told me about the film Jesus Revolution. It seems to be a pretty mainstream motion picture release, even though its message is decidedly Christian. So I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I somehow went … Continue reading

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Learning Church Leadership

Our H2O Production Team arrived at 7AM this morning to set up for today’s worship gathering in Bowman Hall. Shortly after starting, they encountered an elderly man in the lobby, just outside the room where we meet. He had long … Continue reading

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Proclaiming Christ in Post-Christian Contexts

I led our H2O interns through a life-mapping exercise a couple of weeks back. We talked about looking for Spiritual Inukshuks, as I often do with interns. Even though it takes some explanation, I think this concept from Inuit culture … Continue reading

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