What a Week!

Elliot's Graduation from Kent State University

It’s been a wild week for the Asp Family. Some of it was rather random, like, my parents needing extra help replacing some light bulbs in the tallest part of their living room (requiring me to haul an extension ladder over to their place) and helping to get some work done on their van. But other parts of the week were entirely intentional, even if the confluence of these auspicious occasions ended up being chaotic.

Cor in the POPs Concert

On Wednesday evening, I got to watch my youngest son Cor run his fastest 3200 meter race he’s ever run at his league meet for Track on Wednesday — and then I got to listen to him sing in his last Choir concert of the year on Friday night.

Olivia Moving out of Stopher Hall and Back into the Bryce House (Temporarily)

My daughter Olivia also had to finish her Finals at Kent State University — and then move out of her room in Stopher Hall on Friday afternoon (just a little before Cor’s choir concert). And now she’s got five days to unpack and repack for a summer of Leadership Training in Colorado!

My wife Marci had a lot of work to prepare for — and then execute — a booth at the Kent Flea and Makers Market for her business, Fleta’s Cupboard.

Elliot's Graduation from Kent State University

And then my oldest son Elliot had his commencement ceremonies tonnight — which is an amazing milestone, but also nuts because we had to leave, like, an hour after we got back from Marci’s work thing (packing up in a tornado warning, no less!). And then Elliot decided to make an early exit from his Commencement Ceremonies because his best friend was getting engaged.

Elliot's Graduation from Kent State University

I can feel inclined to complain about crazy weeks like this one. But with just a little bit of reflection, I can appreciate the fact that these are rich life experiences that I need to soak up while I can. It’s highly likely that Olivia will leave for Colorado in the middle of the week, and then by the time she gets back to Ohio her older brother will have moved to a new city (or even a new state) to take a Marketing job. And then we might even find ourselves wishing for a week like this, where we get to do so many things together.

I expect there will be weeks with holidays and weddings and funerals that will feel similar to this one, in the years (even decades) to come. Still, I want to learn how to stay present within all of the chaos. I want to enjoy the opportunity to be with family — under any set of circumstances. And this week was a good lesson in learning how to do that.

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