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Waffle Outreach with Husbykyrkan

When I woke up this morning, one of my first thoughts was that this has been a truly Holy Week. Set apart. Distinct. A space of its own for seeking God and expecting Him to work in and through us, both as individuals and as a team. And I’m thankful for that.

In truth, I think God’s work in us has continued to be more pronounced than his work through us. But it may be that we’ll never know the outcome of our missional efforts this Holy Week.

Last night, we got to return to Husby to partner with Husbykyrkan for a Waffle Outreach. It was fun to hear the origin story of the Swedish celebration of “Waffle Day” on March 25th. I’d honestly never thought of it before, but since December 25th is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, some might want to celebrate the immaculate conception of Jesus nine months earlier. Swedish Christians have long celebrated Vårfrudagen, or “Our Lady Day,” on March 25th — but more recently, Swedes have noticed that if you say the phrase quickly, it sounds an awful lot like, Våffeldagen, or “Waffle Day.” So now, everyone in Sweden knows that you’re supposed to eat waffles on March 25th, even though most don’t know exactly why. It’s maybe a little bit like the American phenomenon of eating pie on March 14th because the date can be written as 3.14, like the geometry constant “π,” or “Pi.”

Waffle Outreach with Husbykyrkan

We ended up with way more volunteers than roles, so our team ended up doing a lot of prayer-walking. Still, the whole evening felt remarkably similar to our Flapjack Friday Outreaches here in Kent, even while being continents and cultures apart from each other. It was fun to work together with Anders and Suzanne, Kristian and Madeline, Selma, Sonja, and Jonathan. I admire the way that the Swedish Christians are continuing to maintain an outward orientation, even in a place where immigration and secularization are changing cultural dynamics quite rapidly. And they make a pretty yummy waffle, too!

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