To Eric (From Cor), on the Occasion of His 47th Birthday

Olivia's Pictures from Europe: Cor, Elliot, Eric, and Lion in Glasgow City Centre

The letter I’m giving you this year is full of memories, and links to important pieces of your blog that I find special. This year I’ve learned a lot about you, not just because of the stories that you’ve shared with me this year, but because of the stories that I’ve discovered. For a while, you had a thing where, whatever year it was, you would associate it with something, representing the number of years you were turning. You had your 33rd birthday be your crucifixion birthday, your 34th was Kirby Puckett and Walter Payton, and your 35th was your presidential birthday. Or how you talk about being the “Birthday Announcer” and how in Dutch culture, the person that organizes the party, or announces that it’s your birthday is the birthday boy (or girl) themselves. It’s similar to what you’ve done this year, and I like that. But anyway done with the birthday stuff, it’s time to talk about what I’ve found, that I love about you, through your amazing time capsule of a website.

I’ve found just how amazing of a father you are. Your birthday letters and Christmas stories are pieces of art, bringing me, and the rest of your family to tears, almost every year, because of how beautiful they are. I found what you do to include your children when they feel left out. Exampled in a $2.49 Teddy Bear, which Olivia felt left out because she didn’t receive a stuffed animal for her Valentine’s day, but Elliot did, so you went out, went to the store, and sacrificed your dignity, and some money to make your daughter feel special, and bought her a Valentines bear. Or when you lovingly carried Olivia’s adored rabbit Pinky and even made the rabbit wave to Olivia, which brought her, and you great joy. Or the Saturday morning traditions from their beginning, in which you talked about a sunny morning in Amsterdam, and you took us to the Coffee Company. And watched for birds, and took time out of your day to just go for a stroll with your three young children.

In the early times, the story of Me and the Munchkins, in which it talks about you biking with Olivia, and going to the store with Elliot. It’s beautiful to know how much you love us, and I hope that we return the favor. I thought it was beautiful of your boldness this summer to talk about how it wasn’t easy to live in Amsterdam, and that it was a difficult time in your life.

Hidden Valley

You’re also a wonderful brother, husband, and of course, a caring son. Who deeply wants to help his parents with their age, and diseases, even when it’s tough, or you feel frustrated, you try your best. I hope one day I can do the same for you. I also know that one day, when you die, or when you are sick in age, we will remember you, and we can tell all these amazing stories, of how amazing your love is. There are too many things to say, in too little time. But if there’s one thing to take away from this, it’s that I love you and will continue to love you, and your family loves you.

 Happy Birthday, Dad, 

 From your son, Cor.

Essar Chester Half-Marathon
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