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A New Version of 1 Peter, or, “A Letter from the Rock (1 of 2)” in Asp’s Suggested Paraphrase (ASP)

Jesus gave twelve men an extra-special, up-close-and-personal, all-access look into his life and ministry. They became known as his “disciples” (followers) or “apostles” (emissaries). Of these twelve, three seemed to be extra-close — in on some moments like the Transfiguration … Continue reading

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International Thanksgiving Feast

We’ve had a lot more people coming around to H2O Kent this fall — including a decent number of people from outside of the United States. Maybe it’s a post-pandemic thing… maybe we’re just being more outward-oriented… or maybe the … Continue reading

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Imagine an academic environment where climate change has made the concept of school “Snow Days” irrelevant. Instead, schools maintain functional equivalence through “Threats of Mass Violence Days.” When they hear reports or predictions of a storm (of violence) blowing in … Continue reading

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