Turning a Corner

Maples by the Kent House

Ever since I moved to Kent, there’s a Maple tree at the corner of West Main Street and North Mantua Street that’s been pretty predictably spectacular every October. Except for this one. I’m honestly not sure why — presumably variations in temperature and/or moisture — but instead of the usual pop of yellow, orange, and/or red, this particular Maple’s canopy has started to thin dramatically before some of the leaves have even had the chance to change from green. And it’s been bumming me out. Even the Maple’s leaves that have changed color have been slower than usual, duller than usual, and seemingly out of sync with each other and with all the other deciduous trees in the area.

Clarence Darrow MetroPark / Young's Run Disc Golf Course

I had started to worry that we might just be skipping straight from September foliage to November foliage: boring browns and gutless grays and debilitating depression. The last day or two, however, have started to give me some hope.

Suburban League Cross Country Championships

There’s been a weather system passing through at the end of the week, with rain and colder temperatures, so maybe that’s a contributor. But it might also be that I just needed to be more patient.

Clarence Darrow MetroPark / Young's Run Disc Golf Course

This time of the year often reminds me of the biblical refrain, “The grass withers and the flowers fade,
but the word of our God stands forever” (Isaiah 40:8). And in spite of my impatience, I’m honored to be a witness of these comings and goings of the seasons. I hope that we’re still turning a corner, and that there will be a sudden rush of beauty and awe to fill my soul before the long, dreary winter that’s ahead of us. But no matter what happens with the leaves, I know that the word of our God stands forever.

North Road Nature Preserve


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