Kent State Enrollment 2023-24

Every year, Kent State University publishes its enrollment figures about a month into the Fall Semester. And I seriously look forward to the release of this report! It helps to provide context for the things I’m observing on campus. It helps our church to better understand and appreciate our mission field. And it’s just fun (for a nerd like me) to know these facts and figures.

Here are some of the most noteworthy findings of this report:

  • “Enrollment is 25,283 at the Kent Campus and reaches 33,530 when including the entire eight-campus system. Altogether, the university‚Äôs current enrollment boasts students from all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and 101 countries.” Over the summer, we had heard rumors that this Fall’s freshman class was going to shatter all kinds of enrollment records. We caught wind that there might be as many as 7,000 incoming freshmen, but it turns out that number was significantly exaggerated. I’m not sure why. Even so, this year’s freshman class is still one of the ten largest classes that Kent State has ever welcomed in its 113-year history. Especially following the challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the campus feels full and lively and lovely.
  • “This fall, Kent State has a total international enrollment of 2,074 on the Kent Campus, a significant increase (27.5%) over last year, with increases in international graduate students helping to propel international admissions. The number of international graduate students increased by 429 students, or 43.4%.” We feel this shift in demographics, and it’s energizing to think of the global implications of so many people from so many (101) different countries! The University’s report didn’t provide specifics about how many students came from which countries, but from anecdotal evidence it seems that the largest number of international students now come from India. There’s also been a noticeable bump in students from Brazil. But it really is a pretty broad trend, where it seems that international students are coming to Kent from all over the world.
  • “One in three students (33%) in the freshman class is a first-generation student, and nearly one in five (a record 20.1%) is underrepresented, which includes African American, Hispanic, Native American and multiracial students.” We’ve also noticed the increased involvement from People of Color in our church community, and we’re really encouraged by this trend. We’ve been praying for years that God would allow us to more meaningfully impact a more diverse cross-section of campus, and we’re happy to think that God is answering these prayers.

It feels like a joy and a privilege to be “faithfully farming these forty acres” in Kent, Ohio. Even in times of drought and discouragement, I consider it an honor to be a harvest worker in this space. Still, it’s especially encouraging when the crop is healthy and full. It will be exciting to see how the rest of this year plays out…

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