1100 Milliliter Shortfall

I have something to confess. It’s humbling and disappointing. Still, I need to get it off my chest:

I only drank 1.9 liters of water yesterday.

I know it’s ridiculous in the grander scheme of things, but I’m legitimately sad about this. Back in January, I set some goals for myself for 2023. I generally consider myself to be a principled, self-disciplined person. But one of those goals — to improve my Dutch language skills through reading Dutch news sources and studying a new Dutch version the Bible — didn’t even make it two months into the year. Even so, I was excited about staying on track with my goal to drink three liters of water per day. Even through trans-Atlantic travel days and a couple nights of chugging down a liter right before going to bed (and subsequently making extra trips to the bathroom later in the night), I held onto this one goal for 259 days of 2023.

But then I came up short. By 1100 milliliters.

The last week has featured a return to cooler weather, and I noticed that I just wasn’t as thirsty as I’d been throughout the summer. Still, I managed to keep drinking three liters of water every day. I admit that I had started allowing myself to think about the end of the year and a return to letting my body dictate the amount of water I consume in a day. But I didn’t think about giving up on the goal.

It just got lost in the shuffle of a busy Sunday in Kent.

I think I’m going to just pick up where I left off and try to finish the year with drinking three liters of water for 364 of the 365 days of 2023. Still, I’m chastened by yesterday’s 1100 milliliter shortfall. It’s highly unlikely that anyone else will care about this. This shortfall affects literally nobody else. But maybe that’s precisely why I feel it’s so necessary to add this confessional to the public record. I know that I didn’t finish what I started. And if you’re reading this, now you know, too.

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