Cycling Spring

Do you remember the “Arab Spring” from a couple years back? It was a time when many Arabs across the Middle East and North Africa took to the streets in protest. Some countries deposed their authoritarian regimes. Others continue to struggle for lasting change… But anyway, I’m wondering if the time might be right for a “Cycling Spring” here in the United States. I’ve been pulling in this direction for a while — but I’ve recently noticed some hopeful signs that the change could become more widespread. And I thought it might be worth pointing out these hopeful signs. Even as the rest of the world also starts to wake up from its winter slumber.

Lauren's New E-Bike

Lauren’s Electra Townie

The first hopeful sign came when I arrived in downtown Kent for a coffee appointment with my friend / colleague Lauren. As I was locking my bike to the rack, it dawned on me that she had come to our meeting on a bicycle! I knew she had been researching options for a couple of months. Still, it was exciting to see that she’d finally “joined the Revolution.” It was a pretty sweet ride: an e-bike. It provides battery-powered assistance with pedaling to allow you go farther and faster with less effort. But it still goes a long way towards promoting Health, Wealth, the Earth, and Mirth!

De Fiets is Niets

99% Invisible: De Fiets is Niets

Then, today, I tuned into one of my favorite podcasts, 99% Invisible, only to find that their most recent episode (#531) is titled De Fiets is Niets: a show all about a sort of “Cycling Spring” that happened in the Netherlands back in the 1970s! I’ve studied (and experienced) Amsterdam’s bicycle culture for quite some time. Even so, I learned some new things about the history of the cycling in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. And it all got me freshly envisioned for how a similar revolution could play out in the United States. 99% Invisible tells the story far more compellingly than I can — so I encourage you to give their reporting a listen or a read.

Now is the Time!

The weather is getting better and better here in Northeast Ohio. Less snow and rain. More sunshine. It’s really the perfect time to join the Revolution. We can do this, people! Now is the time for a “Cycling Spring.” Let’s do it: for Health, for Wealth, for the Earth, and for Mirth!

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