Running through Heavy Freezing Spray

Ice Beard after Heavy Freezing Spray

I’d never heard of a “Heavy Freezing Spray Warning” — until after experienced it! I honestly didn’t even think to check the weather forecast. I just knew that it was cold (so I wore plenty of layers to stay warm). And there was just the slightest snow drifting down from the sky when I stepped out of my house for my morning run.

A half-mile out, though, brutal winds kicked up out of the west. The snow picked up to near white-out conditions. It didn’t feel exceptionally dangerous, either for motorists or for me as a pedestrian. But I had a hard enough time seeing through all the snow flying sideways that I stuck to the sidewalks more than I usually would. My training plan called for me to do my middle two miles at race pace. But the Heavy Freezing Spray conditions were so intense that I couldn’t really pay any attention to my watch. So, I had to do it all by feel instead. And apparently, I was either (A) more fit than I thought I was, or (B) more uncomfortable from the Heavy Freezing Spray than I thought — because I actually went quite a bit faster than I might have otherwise run with my watch!

Ice Beard after Heavy Freezing Spray

In addition to it being a highly-gratifying workout, the run also resulted in a highly-satisfying ice beard. Combined with other factors, this scored me 83 Bad Asp Points for running through the Heavy Freezing Spray. So, all in all, it was a pretty good morning. In spite of — or perhaps because of — the Heavy Freezing Spray.

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