Week of Sweaters

Sweater Week

I’ve continued my “Week of _____ Shirts” themes for over a month now. Does anybody care?!? I don’t know! Does it amuse me, in any event?!? Yes, it does! This last week, my daughter Olivia decided to join me for my “Week of Sweaters” — which also happened to be suggested by my brother, Jay — so those are some fun communal elements. But ultimately, I understand that this is relatively meaningless internet content that appeals mostly to me.

I was initially going to do Sweaters for Week 46, but the weather was unseasonably warm and sunny in Ohio that week. Consequently, I switched to H2O Shirts. And it ended up working out perfectly, since Week 47 has been quite cold and snowy: a.k.a. “Sweater Weather.”

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be keeping this up, but here’s the run-down on the last five weeks:

  • Week 43: Week of Flannel Shirts
  • Week 44: Week of Running Shirts
  • Week 45: Week of Collegiate Sports Shirts
  • Week 46: Week of H2O Shirts
  • Week 47: Week of Sweaters

For Week 48, I’ve already decided that I’m going to do a Week of Blue Shirts. Part of the reason for this theme is its versatility. It can look dressed up, when necessary (like for a family Thanksgiving celebration). But it can also be quite casual, when circumstances allow (like for the weekend after Thanksgiving, just hanging around the house). It will also allow me to support the Dutch National Soccer Team in the upcoming World Cup (since my favorite Dutch soccer kit is the away uniforms from 2014). And, perhaps most significantly, I like the idea of putting away my “November Blues” at the end of the week (which is basically the end of the month, too) and swapping them out for brighter clothes and moods, Lord willing.

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