Youngstown Half-Marathon

I ran the Youngstown Half-Marathon this morning. It’s a newer race (this was only the fifth edition of the event). As such, it had a smaller field (less than 300 runners, total). Even so, the race organizers plotted a beautiful route through Mill Creek Park at the peak of its autumn glory! And I really liked the way this race fit into the rest of my life this fall. During my busiest days, at the start of the new school year, the training runs were pretty small and manageable. And then, as the Kent State University semester evened out and the climate transitioned from Summer to Fall, my training runs got longer. And it all culminated in a nearly-perfect race day, today.

The second half of the race kicked my butt, with some pretty serious uphill sections — so I wasn’t quite able to maintain my goal pace (7:30 min/mile). Even so, I’m still pretty pleased with how things turned out. Here are the official results from the Youngstown Marathon website:

Total Time: 1:39:40 (4th fastest out of 23 I’ve run)
Pace: 7:36 minutes/mile
Overall: 25th of 226 (89th percentile)
Male: 21st of 115 (82nd percentile)
M45-49: 5th of 11 (55th percentile)

My friend (and colleague) Nick happened to be running the full marathon today, so we got to wish each other well in the starting corral. But fortunately, I got to finish far ahead of him (considering the fact that I ran half the distance). I think we’re both going to be pretty sore tomorrow. But I’m satisfied with the way that this training cycle and the Youngstown Half-Marathon itself turned out. More than anything, I’m thankful that I’ve been able to continue doing this for as long as I have.

Youngtown Half-Marathon
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