Week of _____ Shirts

Week of Flannel Shirts

This falls squarely within the realm of “first-world problems.” But honestly, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by options. Which cereal to pick in the breakfast aisle at the grocery store… which show to watch on television… and which clothes to wear on a given day. This time of year — in the last lead-up to the holidays — can also feel kind of drab and lifeless. So, I’ve recently started injecting some intrigue into my life by choosing weekly themes for my shirts. I know. It’s ridiculous. And I can’t imagine that anyone is actually keeping score of my “Week of _____ Shirts.”

Week of Flannel

But I’m enjoying a strange sense of satisfaction at the challenge. And I figured it might also be interesting (for me) to track the progress here on my website. Just for the fun of it.

Sundays are the days when I think the most about my fashion choices (because I’m usually a little more in the “public eye” on those days, as a pastor). And my theme weeks started two weeks ago, when I decided to wear my buffalo-plaid, Lands End Flagship Flannel shirt as an homage to the peak of October’s glory. The next day was more of a dreary, rainy day — when I had a bunch of computer work and video conference meetings. So I decided to wear one of my thickest and warmest flannel shirts for a day in our home office.

And after that, the trend was established. I cycled through the rest of my flannel shirts (with one to spare, even!) over the rest of that week. So, Week 43 of 2022 ended up being my “Week of Flannel.” (While living in Europe, I learned that it can be helpful to refer to weeks by their number, even though there aren’t many people in the United States who do this).

Week of Running Shirts

The next weekend, I ran the Youngstown Half-Marathon. Afterwards, I decided to celebrate my accomplishment by wearing the long-sleeved running shirt that came with my registration for the rest of the day. And somewhere along the way, I decided to follow up by wearing long-sleeved running shirts for the rest of the week. Week 44 became my “Week of Running Shirts.”

Week of Collegiate Wear

And now that we’ve come to Week 45, I’ve decided to couple the coming week’s theme with a conference I’ll be attending for the Collegiate Church Network. So, this will be my “Week of Collegiate Sports Shirts!” Once again, I have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to shirts from institutes of higher learning. Bowling Green State University, Youngstown State University, Ohio State University, and Kent State University, especially… It’s quite the collection! And this week, it’s going to be on full display.

Nobody cares about this, except for me. But it’s a fun little diversion. And it reduces the overwhelming options to a more manageable menu of possibilities. Let me know if you have any clever ideas for how I should plan ahead for Week 46!

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