Peak Week?

Jessie Smith Nature Preserve Hitting the Peak of Fall Foliage

There’s a bend in the road near our house where I get a glimpse of the Jessie Smith Nature Preserve. I’ve now lived in this area long enough to feel at least some degree of confidence in reading the forest. And it seems like some sort of “ASP PSA” to share I’m reading: We’re just entering into Peak Week for fall foliage here in our section of Northeast Ohio.

Jessie Smith Nature Preserve Hitting the Peak of Fall Foliage

The brightest bloom is still a few days out. Maybe even a whole week out. But I feel pretty confident that we’re nearing the point where the maple trees hit their zenith. And in these parts, the maples are the real stars of the show. They’re the trees that bring the neon oranges, yellows, and reds. And they bring them in abundance in these parts.

Early Fall in the Jessie Smith Nature Preserve

Other kinds of trees will hit their peak color in the weeks ahead. And there will even be some maples that hold on for a few more weeks (it felt like a revelation to me a few years back when I realized that both trees and forests change colors from the outside, inward). But other trees have already started to become bare. And once the maples thin out, it really starts to feel like the beginning of the end.

Cascade Valley Metro Park: Celebration Trail

Part of the beauty is its transience. It’s a subjective endeavor, trying to stay fully attuned for Peak Week of fall foliage. But I think we’re getting there. We may still have a few days before the true “Peak Week” hits, but I feel pretty sure that it will be done two weeks from now. So, I’d encourage you to get out there and enjoy the scenery while you still can.

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