Braverman Weekend

Stow Invitational Cross Country Meet

It’s been a busy weekend, full of family obligations. Two football games, a cross country meet, a choir concert, and several shared meals in between… It was kind of crazy. But honestly, all of the family obligations and busyness made it feel like a Braverman weekend.

Fall Choir Concert

Marci and I have recently started re-watching the series Parenthood (2010-15). And we’re enjoying it. It’s got good writing, good acting, good music… What’s not to like? The action of the series centers around the Braverman Family in Berkeley, California: four adult siblings, with their spouses and kids, plus their parents. They’re very involved in each other’s lives, always stopping by each other’s workplaces for a quick visit in the middle of the day… enjoying big family meals at the home of the patriarch and matriarch… watching a kid’s baseball game together… cracking jokes at a school fundraiser… The Bravermans are beautiful and clever and endearingly-imperfect.

North Royalton at Hudson, featuring Reese Beatty on Clarinet

The only thing that’s bothered me with this more recent viewing of the series is the way that their level of whole-family engagement sets a highly unrealistic standard! It’s completely at odds with my day-to-day experience… except for the rare occasion when I can somehow thread the proverbial needle and pull off a Braverman weekend that actually feels fun and refreshing.

Stow Invitational Cross Country Meet

It actually felt great, though, to see my niece’s marching band… And to have my sister come and see Cor set a new personal record in his cross country meet (a 5K in 18 minutes and 51 seconds!)… And to have Cor’s older siblings make a point of attending some of his high school events. So, it really felt like a gift. Not every weekend will be like this. Because television shows and movies don’t have to follow the same parameters that bind our everyday lives. So, things are abbreviated so that the boring stuff is left out and the interesting stuff is condensed. Living actual life at that pace would be unsustainable. But for a weekend (or a show), it’s pretty fun.

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