Ultimate Significance

H2O Sports and Handouts on Centennial Fields
See “The Summer of 0.5 Selfies” if you don’t understand why we look so serious in the above picture.

The weather forecast was not looking good this morning. A 75% chance of thunderstorms for the entire afternoon. So, it felt kind of miraculous that we ended up staying dry the whole time (unless you count the sweat that came from our bodies, as we played volleyball and ultimate frisbee). The whole afternoon really felt like an answer to prayer! Some people just walked around and met new people on the sidewalks. Others played volleyball on the sandy court in front of Tri-Towers. But I was a part of the crew who planned to rustle up a game of ultimate frisbee on the Centennial Fields.

We only had four H2O people to start our game of ultimate frisbee. But that actually created the perfect context for inviting people to join us. For a solid fifteen minutes, we jogged around the edges of the field asking if anyone wanted to join us. Many declined the offer. But several people jumped right in, and a few others indicated a readiness to play after they changed into some more suitable clothing.

After awhile, our game swelled to twenty people! It was so much fun! I play ultimate frisbee perhaps once every two years, so I expect I’ll be sore for the rest of the week after a couple hours of diving after loose frisbees. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and it felt like we facilitated the formation of genuine friendships.

Our H2O crew had some quality conversations with our the recruits, too. One guy named Kevin hung around for quite awhile after we finished playing. He lives in Tri-Towers and seemed to connect really well with three of the student-leaders from the H2O Life Group that meets there. Kevin told me that went to church for a little while when he was little. And he visited a youth group occasionally in middle school. Overall, though, he seemed largely uninitiated when it comes to spiritual things.

But I have a feeling that it won’t be that way for long! It’s kind of amazing how something as flippant as ultimate frisbee can point to things of ultimate significance. We’re praying for seeds of the Gospel to sprout in the hearts of our new friends, as the new school year continues.

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