Odd Adventures in Colorado

Nokomis Cabin

It’s been another week of odd adventures in Colorado. Since Marci and I both tested positive for COVID at the beginning of the week, we’ve been more or less holed up in Nokomis Cabin, drawing down our food supplies, read lots, watching Netflix, and just waiting for our immune systems to overtake this pesky virus. Fortunately, the sickness has been very mild. Mostly just a mild sore throat and swollen lymph nodes for me. The first 24 hours also had a vague feverish fog about them (though it never registered on the thermometer). My overall health has drifted between 85% and 95%.

So, today I decided to keep my weekly extended time with God by hiking / climbing up Lightning Peak and Thunder Peak, just south of the YMCA of the Rockies. And they ended up being the perfect choice for such circumstances; I didn’t see another soul out in the wilderness.

RMNP Lightning Peak and Thunder Peak

I’m still not sure what to make of the ministry dynamics at the Estes Park Leadership Training program this summer. I just can’t seem to get into a rhythm. One week and then back to Ohio for Olivia’s graduation… Another week and then some unidentified illness (worse than COVID!)… One week and then a mild case of COVID… I don’t think I’m being derelict in my duties. But I can’t exactly say that it’s been an ”All-Star Campaign” either. Fortunately, I still feel well-connected to God. I mostly just feel like I’m keeping watch, waiting for something significant to happen.

Maybe something significant will happen, and I’ll be standing by for God to use me. Or maybe nothing big (or even medium-sized) will happen, and I’ll have just held my post without incident.

I happened to accidentally text my friend Chad from the top of Lightning Peak, and then we fell into checking in with each other. At one point, Chad texted, ”Trying to get in a rhythm, but that seems to be escaping us. Lots of good PTO and family time, though.” And that prompted me to respond, ”Yeah, that’s honestly not a horrible outcome for a summer, is it?” The more I reflected on this statement, the more I wondered if it might be a part of what God is trying to show me this summer.

My pace through the first half of 2022 has been unsustainable. So maybe I needed these interruptions to make me slow down. To restock my heart and soul and imagination — so I can be more ”on” and ”engaged” when I get back to regular life in Kent. I don’t have to be lazy with my Leadership Training responsibilities. Still, I think it’s acceptable to not worry so much about hitting aces and down-the-line winners — opting instead to play the part of a pusher again for this summer. I want to keep thinking about this and praying about this, but I’m genuinely curious to see if God might be telling me to take my foot off the accelerator and intentionally coast for awhile.

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