COVID in Colorado

I woke up this morning with a mild sore throat. Which I dismissed as allergies. I decided to go for a run up Bible Point, and when I got to the top I had a weird coughing fit. Which I dismissed as leftover crud from an unidentified virus I caught last week. When I got back from my run, I felt more tired than usual. Which I dismissed as a combination of altitude and recovery from last week’s virus. But as I sat to do some computer work, I noticed that my lymph nodes felt swollen — while the fatigue and sore throat also just hung around… So I decided to take a COVID test. And the result was hard to dismiss: I had a clear positive test for COVID-19. COVID in Colorado.

It’s been such a weird realization to know that this infamous Coronavirus has finally caught up with me. I’ve had so many close calls over the last two and a half years. Some of my kids have been infected two or three times (while living in the same house with me)! I got the vaccine. And the booster. But somehow, it finally chased me down. So now, according to CDC guidelines, I’m out of circulation until at least this weekend. Marci tested positive today, too — and Cor’s the one in our family who’s had COVID the most (two or three times already, depending on how we count the sickness he experienced in April of 2020 when home testing was not readily available). So even while we continue to monitor him for symptoms, we’re hopeful that he might be immune to the strain we’re currently experiencing.

I feel comforted to know that our experience with COVID will likely be mild. We’re grateful for friends who are willing to help in any ways we might need help. We feel privileged to isolate ourselves in a cabin, with lots of fresh air and beautiful mountain views around us. And I even see reason for gratitude in the fact that neither Elliot nor Olivia are living with us this summer (even though that’s been a point of struggle at other times, recently). And similarly, I’m glad to know that I can’t possibly infect my parents (which has been one of my greatest fears since the start of the pandemic). COVID in Colorado has its upsides.

Still, I’m eager for the day when we’re done with COVID. For our family in this week, of course — but for the rest of the world, too. We’ve carried an uncomfortable burden for several years now. And whenever this stupid virus invades our lives, I’m reminded of those who’ve had (and who have) it far worse than us. I’m trusting God. But it’s hard.

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