Twenty-Four Years

Marci and I are celebrating twenty-four years of marriage this month. So we decided to mark the occasion by traveling to Charleston, South Carolina, for a three-day, two-night getaway.

Charleston is a lovely city, with a rich history, distinctive urban design, and interesting places to walk, shop, and eat. It’s almost-European in some ways; almost Caribbean in other ways. But also fully American. If that makes any sense at all.

That being said: our first ninety minutes in Charleston were pretty rough. We arrived more fatigued than expected, after a long travel day. So, we were looking forward to regrouping at our AirBnB. However, the accommodations we’d booked ended up being problematic (I’ll spare everyone the details). Anyway, we decided to go for a walk into the city center to regroup while getting some dinner. However, just as we got to Market Street, my Mom called us to say that my Dad had just wandered off again when she wasn’t paying attention. So, we called our kids and enlisted their help to help find him (fortunately, their mission was successful). And then we finally got to sit down for some dinner.

It wasn’t the most romantic meal, as we were both working the phones to resolve our stressful situations. But we had some delicious Low Country Boil while we sorted things out. So when we got up from the table, it felt like we had finally succeeded in regrouping for the rest of our time in Charleston.

Anniversary Getaway to Charleston

Those first ninety minutes in Charleston were emblematic of the last year of our marriage, the last year of our life. We’re working together to figure out new family dynamics. Generational shifts. It’s not always easy or enjoyable. But we’re in it together. And I’m so glad that Marci and I have been partnered together for these last twenty-four years.

Anniversary Getaway to Charleston

We’re going to have to keep reading and adjusting as we age. But if our time in Charleston showed me anything, it showed me that I’ve got a wonderful woman by my side. And I hope we get another twenty-four years to keep figuring things out together.

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