The Special ED Podcast

Special ED Podcast

My oldest son, Elliot, is a content creator. Even when he was in elementary school, he loved to tell stories. He wrote songs. He maintained a blog (with some help from me). And he even recorded a proto-podcast with simple recording and editing devices. As he got into high school and college, he continued to find creative ways to express himself. Especially on TikTok. Now he’s almost halfway through college. And Elliot’s most recent creative project demonstrates elements of both continuation and sophistication in his creative process. He (and his co-creator) have demonstrated an increasing level of commitment to their newest project. Thus, I figured it’s time to share it here. So, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the Special ED Podcast.

What is the Special ED Podcast? It’s a collaboration between Elliot (E) and his friend Danny (D). Their website describes the project as follows: Two Caucasian men gather in the fifth bedroom of their shared apartment. Chaos ensues. And that’s not a bad description. But to give a little more context, they start with current events as a launching point. The war in Ukraine… the new Batman movie… the Super Bowl… a new musical artist… Not too dissimilar to the format for a lot of podcasts. But my favorite parts of the podcast are when they riff on these current events and speculate widely on alternative interpretations and behind-the-scenes drama. Often, they slip into a fantastic sort of radio drama, serving as voice actors for their hypothetical adventures. It’s pretty entertaining.

If you’re looking for a good starting point, I’d recommend Episode 6: Guy Fieri. It covers the NBA All-Star Weekend in Cleveland, reporting on some real-life encounters with celebrities. But it also includes an absolutely brilliant example of their creative story-telling in which they are given a special assignment by the British secret service to infect the Queen of England with COVID-19. It’s hilarious.

They’re from today’s younger generation, with a distinct voice and a distinct sense of humor. Consequently, some of their jokes make me cringe. I cannot personally endorse every word of every podcast. Still, it’s been a joy to watch Elliot (and Danny) develop this platform. They’ve got a TikTok account, a Twitter account, and a YouTube channel, as well. So, give them a follow. But most of all, tune in to the Special ED Podcast wherever you get your podcasts for some fun and frivolity.

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