Olivia’s Senior Prom

A High School Prom can feel as though it is equal parts coronation, wedding, and money pit. It involves the special dresses and accessories and traditions… And, to be honest, it can be overwhelming. But I’m really proud of the way that my daughter handled herself through it all. She seemed to skillfully dance the line between intentionally trying to make a special memory and not taking things too seriously. So I hope that Olivia’s Senior Prom will be something that she’ll remember fondly for years to come.

She found her dress at a thrift store for $15 and had it altered for free by a friend from church.

Olivia and a group of her friends bought their tickets together, did their make-up together, and let us parents take a bunch of pictures of them (together and separately) at a nearby nature preserve.

Another single friend and Olivia even bought corsages for each other, so they could have a special element of surprise right before the Prom.

Even the weather cooperated for Olivia’s Senior Prom! There was, of course, some stress along the way. But really, I don’t know how things could have gone much better.

I love my Livy-girl very much. She’s growing up beautifully!

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