Near-Death by Wordle

Near-Death by Wordle

I nearly died today. Death by Wordle. It seems like most people (at least most Americans) have heard of it by now. But this game is so simple — but so satisfying when it goes well. And it really does go well most of the time. My current streak is up to 80 days — and the streak would be longer if it weren’t for the time I spent in the wilderness back in January! I’ve gotten close to losing the streak a few times (it’s come down to the last guess nine times, according to the stats maintained on my smartphone). But today was exceptionally anxious.

By the fourth guess, I had gone through a lot of the letters. And I really had no idea where to go next. Even though I generally try to keep using any letters that I’ve correctly identified on successive attempts, I felt so lost that I decided to just try a new set of letters just to identify or eliminate some other possibilities. And it didn’t give me any new solid leads.

I felt lost. I actually started grieving the loss of my streak. Taking a screenshot of my stats before they were wiped clean seemed necessary, to commemorate what was. I started thinking about whether I would try to start a new streak or just let bygones be bygones. It was weird.

In the end, I felt like I threw up a “Hail Mary” heave into the “end zone.” I pieced together a legitimate dictionary word from the pieces that were still available to me. But I honestly couldn’t believe it when it worked. I went from the depths of despair to the heights of happiness. All because of a silly little word game.

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