Rex Orange County just released a new album titled “WHO CARES?” He wrote the album title and all of the song titles in all-caps, which I don’t like. But otherwise (and note the more-strategic, more-intentional use of all-caps here), I LOVE THIS ALBUM!!! I’m still getting a feel for all the nuance of the music, but if the first couple of listens are any indication… Man, I think I’m going to care pretty deeply about “WHO CARES?”

All the lyrics and sections of soaring string music make me think that the person who put it all together is deeply in love. (That being said, the internet has surprisingly little, if any, information about his muse). Regardless what the specific details might be, the emotions are universal. And we are all the beneficiaries of the artist’s grand feelings.

Immediately upon listening to the album’s title track, I felt it represented another instant classic for Rex Orange County. There’s one track in the middle of the album that feels like a bit of a clunker (IF YOU WANT IT). Otherwise, though, all the other songs are quite good. KEEP IT UP and AMAZING are already favorites (familiar from being released as singles, in advance of the album dropping). I still need some time to process and settle most of the other songs. But I’m especially intrigued by WORTH IT and ONE IN A MILLION. I just like the way that they’re built.

Rex Orange County features a lot of jazz trio instrumentation. And when he adds the strings, which is quite frequently on this album, it punches things up to a whole new level. His vocals have gotten better with each successive album that he’s released. I wish he’d use the F-word a little more sparingly. But otherwise, I really can’t complain.

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