Fleta’s Cupboard


My wife, Marci, comes from a long line of strong women. Marchelle Louise Anderson-Asp, daughter of Fleta Louise Hettinger-Anderson… daughter of Virginia Beatrice Fackler-Hettinger… daughter of Fleta Marie Pittinger-Fackler… daughter of Ida Belle Baker-Pittinger… Going all the way back to the middle of the 19th Century, these great women have raised daughters (and sons) to love God, cultivate the land, and maintain the Ohio families and farmhouses that have stood the test of time. I’m grateful to have married into the family. And I’m especially grateful that our daughter is a beneficiary of this legacy.


Physical Therapist and Full-Time Mother

Marci’s strength of character has served her well (along with many others) over the years. She graduated with honors from Bowling Green State University and the Medical College of Ohio. Immediately, upon graduation, she started her career with a doctoral level degree to practice Physical Therapy in the earliest years of our marriage.


However, when we moved to the Netherlands in 2003, we encountered very restrictive work permit policies for immigrants like us. In addition, we were busy raising three young children during that time period. Consequently, Marci focused on being a full-time Mom. And you better believe she was every bit as good at that as she was at physical therapy!

Teaching English as a Second Language

After we returned to the United States, though, it seemed time for another career transition. So Marci ultimately decided to get her master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from Kent State University. She held a series of jobs in that field after graduation. Last October, however, the Chinese government started implementing new policies to decrease American influence (and income) through its online learning platforms. And as a result, Marci lost her job as a teacher.

Marci in Her Woodworking Workshop

So, Marci decided to start renovating and refinishing furniture — turning $20 thrift store purchases into $300 pieces sold online. And honestly, this new career in woodworking has gone even better than either of us expected! We like how this job fits with the rest of our lives. We like how it allows for greater availability to our children and our parents (who increasingly benefit from some extra help). And it allows her to tap into creative energy and problem-solving skills of her farmhouse roots in a really beautiful way.

Ultimately, Marci filed the paperwork with the State of Ohio to incorporate her operations as a business. And I’m proud to introduce and recommend this business to you.

Fleta’s Cupboard: New Life for Old Furniture

Fleta's Cupboard Example - Before and After

I love the description that Marci wrote up to describe the story behind the name for her business:

Growing up, our furniture stuck around long enough to have names. Little Grandpa’s Stool, Ida Belle’s Table, and Fleta’s Cupboard. We repurposed furniture often… so my love for renewing furniture was born. Now, I save, repair, and refinish old furniture.

Fleta's Cupboard Example - Before and After

The pictures above represent a recent example of Marci’s work (which sold within hours of being posted online!). Furthermore, she’s got several exciting pieces in development. And she’s also developing more and more of a web presence, regularly posting new updates online to the Fleta’s Cupboard Instagram account and the Fleta’s Cupboard Facebook Page. Give her a like. Give her a follow.

I think she’s pretty great. And I think you’ll think this new business initiative will be pretty great, too.

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