Sesamoid Fracture

On Wednesday morning, Cor started complaining about some pain in his forefoot. We didn’t think too much of it and sent him off to school like normal. When he came back from school, however, the foot pain was still problematic. We told him to take it easy for the rest of the day and get another solid night of sleep.

But on Thursday morning, the pain was increased, not decreased. So Marci set up an appointment with our primary care physician later in the day on Thursday, and Cor missed a little bit of school for the appointment.

The doctor was concerned enough that she ordered X-rays. And when the X-rays came back, they showed a fracture of the sesamoid bone beneath the first metatarsal (foot bone leading up to his big toe).

It’s such a small bone, about the size of a pea. But at Cor’s stage of development and level of activity, it’s serious enough that it needs to be treated. Today, we followed up with a visit to the orthopedic specialist at Akron Children’s Hospital, and the specialist said that Cor would need to be in a walking boot for the next four weeks.

It’s funny that we don’t even know how the injury happened! Our leading theory is that it happened when he landed a bit awkwardly after jumping down a flight of stairs (like he’s done a million times before). In any event, we were grateful that the injury wasn’t more serious. He doesn’t need surgery. He doesn’t need to get a full cast. And after four weeks, he should be ready to resume full activity — just in time for the start of his first high school track season.

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