Decorating for Christmas (x3)

We started decorating our house for Christmas on Friday, but it took the rest of the weekend (and even a bit of the beginning of this week) to finish. The place looks beautiful now. Bright and cheery and Christmassy…

But then my parents needed some help to decorate their place.

My sister, my nieces, and my nephew drove down to Kent on Monday night to help Marci, Olivia, Cor, and me to decorate my parents’ place. “Many hands make light work,” they say. And that seems especially applicable when stringing up Christmas lights! In just a couple of hours, the halls were fully decked.

But then Elliot needed some help to decorate his apartment.

Today, I came by with some tools and hardware to help with hanging a few items at the place that Elliot rents (along with some friends) near the Kent State University campus. But I was surprised to find that there were already quite a few Christmas decorations spread throughout the apartment.

They used red duct tape to hold strings of colored lights in place.

They used a couple of mismatched command hooks and the wire from an old coat hanger to put Elliot’s Advent Calendar on the wall. The decorations were — by far — the least likely to appear on the front cover of a home decorating magazine. But they might have actually been my favorite decorations of all.

I was able to make myself useful with my tools and hardware, but I think the boys actually brought all the Christmas spirit that was necessary. While I helped install some drywall screws in their “Vibe Room,” they played an old vinyl record of Andy Williams’ Christmas album. And then I flew off, like the down of a thistle.

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