COVID Christmas Cheer

Well… It’s official that we’re going to have COVID for Christmas! Cor tested positive for COVID yesterday (Monday) morning. He started showing symptoms on Friday and started isolating on Saturday. So that means our new timeline for clearing this dang virus is tomorrow (Wednesday, the 22nd) for Marci and me, Friday (the 24th) for Olivia, and next Monday (the 27th) for Cor. In the meantime, we’re providing room service food. We’re wearing masks when we see each other. And we’re doing lots of hand-washing and sanitizing surfaces. Merry Christmas, am I right?!? So much COVID Christmas Cheer to go around.

It seems like a small likelihood that Marci or I will get COVID at this point. We’re vaccinated, boosted, and showing no symptoms after our exposure last week. But there’s still a small chance that we could transmit the virus. So Elliot is going to stay at his college apartment at least until tomorrow. When Marci and I get our rapid test results, we’ll reassess.

This morning, we also learned that my brother, Jay, has also tested positive for COVID. He’d been hoping to drive up from Texas with my nephews for Christmas. Now, unfortunately, that’s not happening (at least not on the originally established timeline). My sister’s household is also dealing with another round with the virus. And we know of lots of other people here in Northeast Ohio who are also dealing with COVID for Christmas.

There are no ideal scenarios at this point. But I’m still hopeful that we can figure things out. We found a way to enjoy some COVID Christmas cheer yesterday afternoon. Elliot came over for a (distanced, masked) visit. We got some special take-out treats. And then we took turns doing an audio reveal of each person’s Top Ten Songs of 2021 (I’ll be sharing mine online next week). Last night, we also brought Olivia and Cor some hot cocoa and some of our favorite White Chocolate Peppermint Bark and Milk-Chocolate Pistachio and Cranberry Bark. Then they watched a Christmas movie in Olivia’s Room, while Marci and I watched a Christmas movie in our Family Room.

Another off-the-wall idea that we’re currently considering (pending the outcome of future COVID tests) is basically shifting our Christmas calendar to the middle of next week, instead of this weekend. Jesus’ birthday is a guess, anyway, so why can’t “Christmas Eve” be on the 28th, with “Christmas Day” on the 29th? Or the 3rd and the 4th (if it comes to it)? Fortunately, our kids are old enough that they can wait patiently for presents. And we can keep doing our best to enjoy other elements of the holiday celebration in the meantime.

I wish things could be different. But again, I’m happy that all our cases of COVID have been mild so far. And I’m hopeful that we can overcome the challenges to spread COVID Christmas cheer.

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