Home for the Holidays

We’ve had snow flurries drifting in and out of our area for the past few days. And I think it’s lovely. In a similar way, we’ve had all three of our kids drifting in and out of our home over the Thanksgiving Break, on break from school, mixing time with family and time with friends. And it’s also been lovely.

It’s all come to feel more special now that Elliot’s spent some time “away” (in an apartment on the other side of town) over the past few months. During these times when he flies back to our “nest,” the place just feels more full, more lively, more warm. The sensation will be multiplied again next year, when Olivia starts her college education. So we’re just learning how to embrace the experience of having people “Home for the Holidays.”

I’m not complaining about the way that our nest is emptying. It’s actually really gratifying to see our kids become adults, testing their wings and flying greater and greater distances. There have been some tears shed since Elliot packed up his things and went back to sleeping at his apartment near campus. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It just means that we have a good thing going when we’re all able to be home for the holidays.

Over this little Thanksgiving Break, we had a blissfully light itinerary. We did a family feast at the Farm on Thanksgiving Day. But even that was a lot of sitting around and talking and enjoying each other’s company. We went to the local Christmas tree farm on the day after Thanksgiving to cut down the blue spruce that now sits in our family room. But mostly, we stayed home and relaxed.

It was lovely. And it made me look forward to the longer Winter Break, coming in just a few weeks.

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