Sunset on a Season

We made it to the end of Cor’s first year of high school soccer. And I have to say it was a good year for him! He started most games for the JVB team, and was also a regular, solid contributor on the JVA team. He scored five goals for the season, and he added three assists, as well. And honestly, even from a parental / spectator’s standpoint, we had pretty favorable weather conditions throughout the season. We also had fun hanging out with the other soccer families a few times each week.

Sunset on a Season

Honestly, though, I’m glad that we’ve gotten to a stopping point. An interlude. The Old Testament book of Psalms regularly interjects a word that’s hard to define or translate: “Selah.” But from what I understand of the word, it seems to capture some of what I’m feeling. It’s a moment to rest, to soak, and to add meaning to all the activity on either side of the word. And this week has felt like that.

In addition to the end of Cor’s soccer season, this week served as a sort of “Finisher’s Village” at the end of H2O’s six-week sprint to kick off a new school year. After our Fall Retreat, we go to Beckwith Orchards for some pie and story-telling. It’s another way to reflect and celebrate. We soak in the moment together. And I honestly think that it’s one of the healthiest things we do, as a church.

Interns Apple Chucking

Our H2O student-interns got in on the action the day after the staff team — with another trip to Beckwith, along with some bonus apple-chucking. And I hope they were able to learn that ministry is not just running ourselves into the ground “for the sake of Jesus.” We worship God when we rest, because us taking our hands off the “steering wheel” is the way that we show the world how God is in control. Not us.

This year, the end of Cor’s soccer season and the end of our busy ministry season happened to coincide with Kent State University’s Fall Break. So that’s an extra bonus. Hopefully, we’ll all come back from this week refreshed, recharged, and ready to see what happens next.

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