Running with Grace

Grace is a good writer, a good runner, and a good friend. So I wanted to share a piece that she just recently posted, called Church on the Run.

It’s fun — and insightful — to hear her perspective on our Saturday morning running group. I feel similarly enriched by this weekly rhythm. And I agree with Grace’s mash-up of Christian community and athletic endurance:

Being a part of a church community, I’ve learned, looks a lot like Saturday morning long runs. Sometimes the conditions are optimal, other times you have to endure some harsh weather that causes literal blood, sweat, and tears. Some days the course is easy and flat, other times you must grit your teeth and count on your friends to help encourage you up the hill. Some days your stride feels strong, other days you barely make it through the miles. Some days you have wisdom to offer, other days, only more questions. To be a part of a church community is all of these things: we take on the good and the bad, the triumphant and the painful, and we take it on together.

Grace also references Eugene Petersen’s book, The Pastor — which is also one of my favorites. And she references the New Testament book of Hebrews, which is an absolute gem. So I don’t know how else to herald her post. I just recommend that you follow the link and give it a read.

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