Kent State University Enrollment Figures for the 2021-22 School Year

The Record-Courier just published some statistics about the student body at Kent State University. And that report reminded me to look up the standard 15th Day Report published by the University itself. I thought it would be interesting to list some of the noteworthy figures here. I personally find it interesting to track these sorts of figures. They help me to better understand the “mission field” in which I’m working as a “missionary” on campus.

25,630 Students in Kent

The Record-Courier article noted that enrollment figures are up by four percent this year. That seems to be in contrast to the declining figures at many universities in the United States. Still, I notice that we’re still below some of the records set in the 2013-14 school year (and perhaps in subsequent years, which I haven’t recorded). I’m not too discouraged by that, though, because — depending upon one’s source — there are either 25,630 students (according to the Record-Courier) or 27,019 students (according to the University’s 15th Day Report) at the main campus of Kent State University. Neither figure seems to be factoring in extension sites, though. Still a very significant mission field!

4,991 Freshmen Students

The Record-Courier did not post any statistics specific to the number of incoming freshmen. The 15th Day Report, however, said that there are 4,991 students in their first year of study at Kent State University. Which actually strikes me as larger than usual. The Record-Courier also noted that the high school GPA of the incoming freshmen continues to climb: now at 3.5. And the Honors College at the University continues to grow, too. Seemingly another sign of health in the Kent State University system.

1,370 International Students

The Record-Courier reported that international student enrollment is up by 7.3 percent, which is also encouraging. After the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Trump administration’s more restrictive immigration policies, I’ve noticed that it just feels more international here in Kent, again. And that makes me happy.

In any event, I’m challenged and encouraged to consider the strategic ministry opportunities represented by these numbers.

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