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Olivia’s Senior Portraits

We recently completed the process of shooting Olivia’s senior portraits, and we’re thrilled with how they all turned out. Our friend Jana was the photographer, but hiring her for the job wasn’t just a case of nepotism. She’s a legitimate professional, and … Continue reading

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The Peak of Fall Colors

We Midwesterners love to fret about the Fall. “The maples don’t seem to be as vibrant as usual this year.” Or, “It’s awful warm for October, don’t you think?” Or “I’m worried that we’re going to skip fall and jump … Continue reading

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Sexuality and Spirituality: The Difference Between 2012 and 2021

Over the last couple of decades, I’ve thought and wrote a lot about the intersection of sexuality and spirituality. Most churches (and church leaders) seem to gravitate towards imbalance. Either they avoid the topic as much as possible, or they … Continue reading

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