Homecoming 2021

Olivia went to the Kent Theodore Roosevelt High School Homecoming Dance this weekend. And she was lovely. She bought her dress from a thrift store and did much of the alteration herself.

She went with a couple of friends, and they were lovely, too. Brigid, Grace, and their parents came over to our house for pictures, and then the girls drove to a local Japanese restaurant for dinner.

I notice that our family doesn’t typically put as much energy into Homecoming as other families seem to. I, personally, never went to any of the Homecoming Dances for my high school, back in the day. Elliot went a couple of times, but his experiences always seemed to trend more towards “Teenage Drama” more than “Magical Fairy Tale Evening.”

Still, we’re not anti-Homecoming, either. Especially after the last year and a half of COVID-19 Pandemic disruption, it’s good to have “typical” high school experiences like Homecoming. I’m very proud of my daughter and happy for her to have fun experiences like this one.

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