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Google Map of PNW Trip

We just got back to Kent from our family’s vacation to the Pacific Northwest. It was a long drive! But I’m so glad that we got to get away — and I’m so glad that we made it back home to northeast Ohio. As we drove, my mind started to wonder about the sheer numbers associated with the trip. So I vowed to research the statistics when I got the chance. And here’s some of the data that I discovered:

  • Days away from Kent: 18
  • Miles traveled: 7,599
  • Hours on the road (estimated): 126 (about 5.25 days!)
  • Average Miles per day: 422
  • Average Hours on the road per day: 7
  • Number of States Visited: 14
Google Map of PNW Detail

The figures above are actually somewhat misleading, though, because we had eight days that I would categorize as “Travel Days” and ten days that I might categorize as “Destination Days.” Even on the “Destination Days,” though, we did a lot of travel! Factoring out the mileage that would represent a direct point-to-point path between destinations, we still covered a lot of ground (as indicated in the map above):

  • “Destination Days” (when we started and ended the day at the same place): 10
  • Miles traveled on Destination Days: 2,406
  • Average Miles per Destination Day: 240
  • Average Hours per Destination Day: 4
Google Map from Kent to Southernmost Americas

To frame things in a slightly different way, the 7,599 miles that we drove would be sufficient to drive our mini-van from Kent, Ohio to any country in the Americas (North America or South America). If we could somehow make it a magic vehicle that could drive directly over mountains and oceans, 7,599 miles would be enough to get us to any point in the Americas: even the Strait of Magellan and the Tiera del Fuego!

Google Map from Kent to Easternmost Europe

Furthermore, if our Honda Odyssey was a magic Honda Odyssey, 7,599 miles in one direction would allow us to get to any point on the European Continent! All the way over to the Ural Mountains (and beyond, for that matter)!

Google Map from Kent to China (Eastward)

If that doesn’t sound impressive enough, consider this: 7,599 miles in a Magic Honda Odyssey could get one from Kent, Ohio, to Mount Everest, on the border between China and Nepal! In fact, 7,599 miles in a Magic Honda Odyssey could get one from Kent, Ohio to China traveling either eastward or westward!

Google Map from Kent to China (Westward)

Seriously! Most of the Northern Hemisphere is in play, if you’ve got 7,599 miles and a Magic Honda Odyssey! Isn’t that crazy?!? With the mileage that our family covered over the last two and a half weeks, we could make it to any continent on earth except Oceania. And even if we try to stretch that imaginary measuring tape out to the Southern Hemisphere, it’s still pretty impressive how far it goes. 7,599 miles could get us well past the great Sahara Desert of Africa. All the way to Tanzania!

Google Map from Kent to Tanzania

Our family has never undertaken a trip quite like this one. Our Honda Odyssey was manufactured in 2010. We bought it in 2012. So we’ve been driving it for almost nine years, including multiple trips to Colorado and Florida. Even so, the 7,599 miles of the last couple weeks now represent 5 percent of the miles our family has driven on the vehicle since we owned it! That’s a long drive! Yet, I’m so glad that we got to do it together. We even enjoyed each other’s company for the vast majority of the time! The numbers will never do the experience justice. Still, it’s kind of fun to work it all out.

Now, I just need to get our Honda Odyssey into Main Street Auto for a service appointment. After all, it’s not a Magic Honda Odyssey — even if I kind of like to think of it that way.

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