You Gave Jenny the Huggies?!?

Today was my parents’ Day of Freedom. It came two weeks after their second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against COVID-19. And we decided that we wanted to celebrate the occasion together with ice cream and hugs (bonus points to anyone who can correctly identify the movie quote I used to title this post!).

My parents have been one of the primary lenses through which I’ve experienced the COVID-19 Pandemic. Both their age and other medical conditions have placed them in the category of “Most Susceptible” to this virus. So we’ve all taken a lot of precautions over the last thirteen months: wearing masks, minimizing physical contact, shifting family gatherings outside, and so on.

It’s been fine, but not great.

This afternoon was great, though.

It wasn’t a completely mask-less afternoon because we were still out in public. But we got to spend most of our time together looking at each other’s faces, sitting close together, and just relaxing after a long time of being restricted and extra-rigorous about keeping the “Most Susceptible” generation (my parents) shielded from the “Most Social” generation (my children, who have still been going to school, playing sports, working in the public service sector, and maintaining some level of social life).

We also got to enjoy some Handel’s ice cream on a beautiful Spring day.

So to say it was a “pretty good day” would be a dramatic understatement.

I’m really glad that we’re getting through this pandemic. Bit by bit, inch by inch, I hope that life will continue to feel more and more normal.

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