Track Season

Track & Field is the worst spectator sport.

Meets last a minimum of three hours, even though the longest of my son’s three events lasts for about six minutes. The weather is highly volatile: sometimes snowy… more often rainy… and occasionally sunny (sometimes all within the same meet!). It takes a lot of strength and endurance to make it through the season — and the student-athletes have to work hard, too (ba-doom-ching!)!

Still, I’m actually thankful for my boys’ involvement in Track & Field.

The meets help to slow me down in an otherwise-busy season of the year. When Spring smiles on us and soaks the stands with sunshine (like it did this week), it feels like a great privilege to sit outside for a while. Yesterday, I got to sit next to my parents for the whole meet. Some of our family’s closest friends have boys who run Track, just like Cor — so we get to hang out with them, too. There is community — even in the miserable moments — and that makes it all feel more worthwhile.

It’s also great when the boys perform well. This week, all of the boys on our distance team tied or improved upon their times in the mile (Cor finished with a Personal Best of 5 minutes and 47 seconds). So we went home with a sense of happy exhaustion and fatigue. The life of a Track Family is not always easy or fun, but it’s still a good life.

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