Spring Break Trip to Kent

It’s been a challenging year of ministry through the COVID-19 Pandemic. Last Spring, especially, we lost so many opportunities — including three Spring Break trips that would have involved 81 people from our church. We’re still not fully recovered. But I’m happy that we were able to pull off at least one Spring Break trip with sixteen participants for this year: a Spring Break Trip to Kent.

We stayed local, so we wouldn’t have to work through the extra complications of transportation and accommodations. We did all our group activities outdoors (even on a rainy Monday). And still, we found a number of ways to encourage each other on our spiritual journeys: Upward, Inward, and Outward.

We talked about prayer and took time to pray together.

We ate meals together, played games, and told stories together.

We worked together to pick up litter from a public trail in northeast Akron.

We studied the Bible together and worshipped together. And even though we managed to do all this in just three days, it felt like a week’s worth of community. I was really proud to see the way that our younger staff guys worked together to make this “Spring Break Trip to Kent” possible.

Some might say that a Spring Break Trip to Kent constitutes the “lamest Spring Break ever.” But when we’d crack jokes along these lines, our student-participants were consistently upbeat and even grateful for the opportunity. Some even said that our three days together changed the way they view Kent. They said they view it in a more recreational, more missional, more strategic way. And if that’s not a successful outcome for a Spring Break trip, I don’t know what is.

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