The Waning Days of Our Family’s Time with COVID-19

We’ve had some beautiful Spring weather this week. It’s been helpful for getting through our family’s recovery from COVID-19. Yesterday, Elliot went and fetched some Dairy Queen treats for us. We enjoyed them together in our back yard, sitting on deck chairs and soaking up the sun. It almost felt like a normal Monday afternoon.

Even so, this week has different sorts of challenges. The kids seem to be finished with most of the dizziness, headaches, congestion, and loss of taste and smell. We’re thankful that we’re all feeling healthy now. Still, we’re following public health guidelines to keep ourselves isolation and quarantine. And it’s just getting harder, mentally, to deal with the hassle of staying away from the rest of society.

The Public Health Department worked with us to determine exactly when each infected individual noticed the first signs of symptoms, and established that as Day Zero. They said we must wait until the end of Day Ten to get out and about again. So Elliot finished his ten days of isolation on Sunday morning. Olivia will finish her ten days of isolation on Wednesday. And the rest of us will be free to go out again on Friday.

For my work, I followed our organizational policies to wait a week following my last close contact with the virus and then get tested. So I learned yesterday afternoon that I’m still officially negative for COVID-19. But to practice solidarity with Marci and Cor, as well as to protect the general public from the increasingly-miniscule chance that I could infect others with a late-blooming asymptomatic case of the sickness, I’m even minimizing H2O interactions until the end of the week.

It’s a weird week, and Cor is having an especially hard time with it. Still, I comfort myself with the knowledge that things could be so much worse. We’re making it through the waning days of our family’s time with COVID-19. God has been with us each step of the way. Our friends have provided key support again and again. Marci and I look forward to getting vaccinated soon. And we even find some appreciation for the fact that my kids should now have at least some level of immunity for the next few months. We’re curious to see if there will be any long-term effects. But even with that, we just have to practice patience and faith. So help us, God.

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