Stopping the Streak

I made it a goal to blog for every day of our family’s time with COVID-19. Our family’s time with COVID-19 also happened to fall exactly one year after our societal shut-down for COVID-19. So I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting, praying, and writing about COVID-19 over the last two and a half weeks. Now, however, it’s time to move on. I’m stopping the streak after this post.

I feel like God has used the last half-month to remind me of my dependence upon Him. The most difficult moments from our recent COVID experience came when I felt like I was losing control. The whole year of this pandemic has been an experience of powerlessness. But I think I’ve adapted to that by finding and grasping tightly to the little things I can control: masking… distancing… hand-washing… disinfecting surfaces… adhering to protocol for isolation / quarantine when necessary. I’ve gained a sense of control by managing the H2O Staff team… running meetings.. keeping the family together… making meals… exercising regularly… The list goes on and on!

They’re all ways to cope. So when a couple of these things get taken away, for whatever reason, I struggle. I flail. I feel like crying. But then, thank God, I remember my dependence upon Him. God is a far firmer foundation than any of my routines or coping mechanisms. So I’m going to keep depending on Him. Whatever comes next. But I may or may not be blogging about it, as I go.

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