Quarantine and Isolation: Day 3

Elliot got his COVID test at the CVS in Kent on Saturday afternoon. When it came back positive, the nurse told him he’d need to isolate for ten days (until March 22nd). After that, he should get another rapid test to reassess his readiness to rejoin society. She also helped him think through some basic contact tracing. Interestingly, however, she suggested it was Elliot’s responsibility to reach out to any close contacts he might identify.

Olivia, Cor, and I got out COVID tests at the CVS in Twinsburg later in the day on Saturday. When Olivia’s test came back positive, we received no instructions of any sort. Cor and I didn’t get any instructions about our negative tests, either. Nothing about time frames for isolation or quarantine. Nothing about contact tracing. Our test happened to fall at the end of a busy day at the end of a busy week. (The nurse who administered our tests told us as much). Still, I thought that it was an interesting contrast to Elliot’s situation. I got a message this morning from the local Health Department, so maybe there will be some follow-up there. But no further instructions at this point.

Finally, Marci got her COVID test at the CVS in Kent on Sunday afternoon. When her test came back negative, it was suggested that she quarantine herself for fourteen days (until March 27th). After that, she could go about her life if no other symptoms had developed. But it didn’t feel like a hard-fast rule.

So we honestly don’t exactly know the shape or duration of our current situation. We’ve decided, however, that Elliot and Olivia can be together, isolated from the rest of the world. And the rest of us can be in quarantine, unless / until any of us develop symptoms. And we’ll stay this way until at least March 22nd. Maybe longer.

It’s not the scenario I would wish for our lives. But it’s not all bad. Our pantry is well-stocked. We’ve got decent internet service and entertainment options available to us. And no one is feeling super-sick at the moment.

We’re especially thankful for the kindness of our friends. They’ve already provided support and encouragement in various ways. On the night we found out about Elliot’s and Olivia’s positive tests. Our friends, the Slacks, made a Dairy Queen run for us. They put some ice cream on our front porch, backed away, and then stayed to talk across the lawn for a few minutes. It just felt good to be remembered and creatively cared for.

On Sunday, Cor’s friend, Ethan, and his Mom, Eliza, brought over a care package with some snacks, a puzzle, and a “Thinking of You” card. Later in the afternoon, our friend Brooke dropped off a batch of freshly-baked brownies and an encouraging note. In addition to all of that, Marci and Cor felt inspired to make soft pretzels on Sunday evening — so we’ve been eating very, very well throughout our isolation and quarantine.

Today, Olivia had some friends come by to chat with her across the lawn, which was very thoughtful of them. (I’m especially refreshed when teenagers demonstrate selflessness and genuine concern for others).

And then, to help facilitate our family’s Monday afternoon tradition of a “Special Thing” with me and the kids, our friend Lauren made a special bubble tea run for us. The picture at the top of this post shows what it looked like while we were enjoying the bubble tea.

It’s been a weird experience. But at least we get to be together. Well, kind of.

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