Grant to Cleveland to Roosevelt to Me

I stopped shaving on Christmas Day. So the picture below gives you an idea of what I looked like by the middle of February.

I’ve developed a tradition to grow out all of the hair on my head and face from Christmas to President’s Day, when I start taking away parts of the facial hair to “honor” some of our nation’s presidents. By the time I get to my birthday (on February 26th), I go back to my standard look. It’s a silly tradition. Kind of vain, too, I suppose. But I figure it’s just something to help keep the winter a little more interesting.

This year, President’s Day happened to fall on the earliest possible date: February 15th. A full eleven days before my birthday. So I decided to start with a tamer trim job, to reduce the amount of time that I would have to go about regular life with a really weird type of facial hair. Ulysses S. Grant had a nice, tightly-trimmed beard, with a bit of a fade at the temples. So I took him as my initial inspiration for the holiday.

I kept my mustache a bit longer than Grant because of subsequent stages of facial hair that I’d planned out ahead of time. But I actually really liked my “Grant” look. A pretty sustainable look, actually. Even better than my completely untouched look.

A week later, I decided to shave off the beard and go for the droopy, walrus mustache of Grover Cleveland.

I wasn’t willing to let my mustache get quite as long as Grover Cleveland (I seriously wonder how he ever managed that thing at mealtimes!). But I did my best approximation. For two days.

Yesterday I trimmed up the mustache a bit further, getting it off my lip and lessening some of the droop — trying for more of a Theodore Roosevelt look.


Honestly, though, the line between “Grover Cleveland” and “Theodore Roosevelt” is a pretty blurry one. Depending on what picture you use as a reference, they can be almost indistinguishable. But again, I’m just trying to keep things interesting in these waning days of winter.

By the end of the week, I’ll be back to my regular clean-shaven look. And I’m honestly looking forward to that.

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