COVID Spring is Coming

We’ve got another blizzard passing through Northeast Ohio today. Snow and ice cover everything. Frozen solid. So it certainly doesn’t feel like Spring is coming. But I know that it is. The sunrise is getting earlier and the sunset is getting later, with each day that passes. Buds are forming on the trees. Crocuses crouch beneath the snow, ready to rise when the conditions are right. Things will be very different a month from now. Maybe even a week from now.

Just like the climatological Spring is on its way, I believe that a sort of “COVID Spring” is on its way. Even if it doesn’t feel like it.

Yesterday, I read an encouraging article whose title says it all: “COVID-19 Cases are Dropping Fast. Why?” It was published by The Atlantic, which is somewhat left of center on the political spectrum. So if anything, The Atlantic would be slightly closer to the “COVID is a complete catastrophe” end of the spectrum, as opposed to the “COVID is a complete hoax” view. And honestly, this understanding of potential bias made their article especially hopeful! Even with their bias, they’re publishing a COVID story that is hopeful. The article cites four factors that might help to explain the recent drop in numbers (in total cases, hospitalizations, and deaths):

  1. Social distancing
  2. Seasonality
  3. Seroprevalence
  4. Shots

I’d recommend reading the article for yourself, but it reminds me that we’ll still have vestiges of “COVID Winter” for awhile — needing to stay faithful with precautions against the spread of the virus — but we may be turning a corner. Isn’t that encouraging?!? COVID Spring is coming!

On the more practical level, today I heard about an online tool for How to Sign Up for a COVID-19 Vaccine in Your State. And honestly, I just wanted to bookmark the site for my own reference — whenever I’m given the green light to pursue vaccination. If it’s helpful to anyone else who’s trying to sign up for the vaccine right now, so much the better! We all need to stay patient in this interim, through the waning days of our “COVID Winter.” But we’re getting there. COVID Spring is coming!

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