The Similarities between Car Ownership and Dog Ownership

There are some fascinating similarities between car ownership and dog ownership. I was on a Zoom call last week with one of the H2O Life Groups I help to coach, when we made the discovery. I don’t know. Maybe “discovery” is too strong of a word. Still, we had fun with it.

Try the comparison on for size and see what you think.

The lifetimes of a typical car ownership situation and a typical dog ownership situation are similar lengths. There are similar options for “purebred puppies” versus “mutts adopted from the shelter.”

They’re both super-special and doted upon in the early going. As time passes, however, they become a normal part of life for a decade or two. Late in life, they start to grow more decrepit and unreliable. But there’s a level of emotional attachment that accommodates the increased inconvenience… Until it’s finally time to move on.

Does that sound about right to you? Is it callous to compare a piece of machinery with a living being?

We thought it was hilarious when we made the connection. I realize that it doesn’t sound so funny to write it all out, after the fact. But at the time, I had tears in my eye and a stitch in my side, especially when Regan was talking about the moral conundrum her family experienced when they watched a neighbor’s dog get hit by a car but they couldn’t figure out the best way to put the animal out of its misery. It seems like everyone has a story about a beloved car and/or dog.

We also had a good study of Acts chapter 23 before calling it a night.

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