Spotify Year Wrapped

Spotify’s got some pretty smart people managing their streaming music service. They’ve developed a good product, and perhaps even better marketing of that product.

Case in point: Today, our household was notified of our Spotify year-end summaries. Elliot and Olivia were especially excited to get their lists. But I have to admit that I was pretty excited, too. It’s strangely exhilarating to share insights from each other’s listening patterns. And Spotify makes it so easy!

So, in case you’re interested, here’s My Year in Music.

The listing of artists seems to indicate a preference towards which albums I listened to in their entirety (even if it was only once or twice in the course of the year). I actually think the Top Songs are more reflective of my real listening tastes than the Top Artists.

In any event, this year’s summary is better than last year’s summary. Largely because I used Spotify throughout the year, whereas the previous year was more divided between different music apps. I think it provides some insights into my personality and preferences. But it’s not very deep. Just fun.

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