Farmyard Christmas

We gathered together with Marci’s family in Richland County for Christmas Day. Which we always do. But we did it out in the farmyard this year, instead of inside the farmhouse. Which, actually, we have done under certain conditions: if it’s been a particularly warm, sunny day or if the boys and I have wanted to try out some new sports equipment.

This Christmas, however, did not happen to be a particularly warm day (wind chill probably made it about zero degrees Fahrenheit). The boys also didn’t have any new sports equipment to try out. Still, Richland County happened to be the only one in our state recently listed at Level 4 “Purple” coronavirus risk level — the highest level listed on Ohio’s Public Health Advisory System. And with some relatives who came from out of state to visit Marci’s parents for the holiday, we asked if everyone would be willing to have a fireside, Farmyard Christmas.

It wasn’t ideal. But we went for it: a Farmyard Christmas Day to go along with our Driveway Christmas Eve. So our household drove an hour and a half to spend an hour and a half together outside and then drive an hour and a half back to Kent.

We might be crazy. But we’re family. We made it work. No food, no gifts. Just family time. Still, it was nice. Our Farmyard Christmas turned out to be unique and memorable and hard.

We even took some time to throw around an old football for awhile, diving into the snow for extra-dramatic catches. Hopefully, though, none of us caught COVID from each other. And hopefully, we’ll get to have warmer, more comfortable Christmases together in the years to come.

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