Let’s Keep in Touch

We just finished one of the weirdest Falls that I can ever remember. Now we’re shifting into what will likely be one of the weirdest Winters in our lifetime. It feels dark, scary, and lonely. A lot of things are out of our control. But not everything. We don’t have to be lonely, especially with all of the technology at our disposal. We have lots of different ways to stay connected. And so, for this holiday season, I’m asking my friends and family for one gift: Let’s keep in touch.

Help me figure out how to be your friend, your follower, your fan, your connection, your whatever-your-favorite-platform-calls-it!

I always list the links to my various social media accounts in the right sidebar. They’re all in “ready to receive” mode. If you’re looking to get glimpses into my world, however, these are some of the best portals:

  • I typically check my email, voicemail, and text messages several times a day. I’m usually pretty good about getting back with people who reach out to me through these channels.
  • I post devotional excerpts and seasonal nature clips to my TikTok account once a day. And I also think it’s fun to receive funny or insightful videos from my friends, too.
  • I post to my Strava account and check in on others’ adventures through the app almost every day.
  • New pictures from my smartphone upload to my Flickr account automatically. It probably works out to four or five days per week of new content (albeit without commentary).
  • I try to post at least two or three times a week here in this space (my personal website / blog). I’d like to think this is the most meaningful, contextualized content I put out to the world on a regular basis.
  • I try to check my Instagram account, my Facebook account, and my Twitter account two or three times per week. That being said, it’s probably more like once a month that I post anything in these spaces.
  • I’m even less regular in checking or posting to my LinkedIn account, my YouTube account, and my Snapchat account. But I do have “passports” to these “countries,” so I can visit when desired.

I’m also glad to discover other means of connecting with people, electronically or otherwise. Letters and postcards aren’t out of the question. I’ve got online accounts for Spotify and the New York Times Crossword Puzzle, as well, though I don’t know how to use them as means of connection. I’m willing to learn.

I just want to say: We’re not alone! We can figure out creative ways to provide support and encouragement for each other through this most unusual winter. Let’s keep in touch!

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