Signs of the Times

I went for a walk this morning. It was one of those brilliant October mornings, with views that almost took my breath away at times. At the same time, this month provides the last gasp for political candidates to make their case for election. And I got plenty of views of that, too. I can sometimes feel discouraged about the level of division in our country today. But from the perspective of armchair anthropological study, I have to say that these “Signs of the Times” are fascinating.

About a mile from my house, I turned onto a small residential road called Manchester Street. It’s very out of the way, so any signage posted is almost entirely for the sake of one’s neighbors. (Though, honestly, I’m not sure what political signage really accomplishes, even on the busiest thoroughfares). But even though it’s a very quiet street, some of their lawn signs speak very loudly about their political persuasions. Manchester Street provides an interesting glimpse into our current political landscape.

One house has two large Trump flags draped from the front porch. One says “Keep America Great,” and the other says “No More Bullshit.”

Just across the street, a stone’s throw away, another house has a long, tidy row of campaign signs for every Democratic candidate on the ballot. Including two for Joe Biden.

In between these two houses is a house with a single medium-sized flag (fashioned after the Trump flags) that says, “DOGS 2020: Because Humans Suck.” I don’t entirely agree with the sentiment. Still, I think it’s a pretty funny sign — particularly considering its context literally standing between the two other houses. And I do think it’s pretty realistic that at least one of that person’s neighbors will agree that the election is “Gone to the Dogs!”

I hope all of those neighbors on Manchester Street can find ways to get along with each other. I hope we can all love each other, in spite of our differences.

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